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pjtravels - Smash Burger - Cedar Park, TX - doesn't matter


I haven't eaten a burger since 2013, so posting for old times sake. The truffle mushroom Swiss was good - perhaps a bit too much truffle oil, but solid overall. The sweet potato fries were crispy and just the right amount of salty.

Rayzor - Plucker's Wing Bar S. Lamar - austin, tx - burger #36

The Bypass Burger. Burgers are not the thing to get here. 5/10.

Rayzor - Hopfields - austin, tx - burger #43

Pascal Burger w/egg. Both the patty and the bun are excellent. 9/10.

Rayzor - Dirty Martin's Place - austin, tx - burger #50

Large D.H. Special w/grilled jalapenos. Decided to finish with another Austin classic. I forgot how good their burgers are - quintessential greasy griddle patties. 8/10.

Rayzor - Parkside - austin, tx - burger #49

Cheeseburger - great burger, although the onion was a bit much. 8/10.

Rayzor - Clark's Oyster Bar - austin, tx - burger #48

Pan Roasted Hamburger. Great burger, gruyere cheese, gribier sauce. Found out I'm not a fan of shoestring fries :-). 9/10.

pjtravels - The League - Cedar Park, TX - burger #50

7/10 southern burger. Nice patty, BBQ sauce and sweet bacon made the burger.

Rayzor - Hut's Hamburgers - austin, tx - burger #47

Ritchie Valens Burger w/longhorn grassfed patty. This was not the best burger on the menu to get. Guac was out of the fridge cold, beef wasn't as flavorful as expected. 5/10.

Rayzor - Luke's Inside Out - austin, tx - burger #46

The Burger. Ordered medium rare, came out close to well done. I remember this burger being much better, maybe they had an off day. 6/10.

Rayzor - Five Guys Burgers and Fries Arbor Trails - austin, tx - burger #45

Cheeseburger w/jalapeno. Ok burger, but not worth going out of my way for it. 6/10.

Rayzor - Snack Bar - austin, tx - burger #44

Happy Burger w/avocado. 7/10.

Rayzor - Hopfields - austin, tx - burger #43

Pascal Burger w/egg. Both the patty and the bun are excellent. 9/10.

Rayzor - Casino el Camino Bar & Grill - austin, tx - burger #42

The Pitts Burger (pictured): 9/10.
The Buffalo Burger: 10/10.
This place makes some of the best burgers in town.

Rayzor - Crown & Anchor Pub - austin, tx - burger #41

Mushroom Swiss Burger. This place has always made an excellent burger. 8/10.

Rayzor - Wild Bubba's Wild Game Grill - elroy, tx - burger #40

Elk Burger. Elk was flavorful but a little gristly. Supposedly yak is a good one to try. 6/10.

Rayzor - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Slaughter Lane - austin, tx - burger #39

Avocado & Pesto Hamburger. Got the best picture I could :-). Burger was surprisingly good, 8/10.

Rayzor - Zax Restaurant and Bar - austin, tx - burger #38

Blues Burger. Onion rings were an interesting touch, but otherwise the burger wasn't outstanding. 6/10.

Rayzor - Opal Divine's Austin Grill Penn Field - austin, tx - burger #37

Hatch Chile Burger, 7/10.

Rayzor - Plucker's Wing Bar S. Lamar - austin, tx - burger #36

The Bypass Burger. Burgers are not the thing to get here. 5/10.

Rayzor - Phil's Icehouse S. Lamar - austin, tx - burger #35

78704. Not bad, but I usually have to get it to go because of all the screaming children :-). 7/10.

Rayzor - Peached Tortilla truck - austin, tx - burger #34

Jam Jam burger. Really good, but REALLY messy. 9/10.

Rayzor - Waterloo Ice House Circle C - austin, tx - burger #33

Mushroom Swiss Burger. It was alright, tater tots are always good. 6/10.

Rayzor - Jack Allen's Kitchen Oak Hill - austin, tx - burger #32

Green Chile Cheeseburger. Another thick juicy burger, 9/10.

Rayzor - Bar Louie - austin, tx - burger #31

Blue Louie. Decent burger, a bit overcooked, but you can't go wrong with buffalo blue cheese. 7/10.

Rayzor - North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery - austin, tx - burger #30

Angus beef burger w/Huntsman cheese. Great juicy burger, good bun. 9/10.

Rayzor - Mettle - Austin, tx - burger #29

Cheeseburger, medium rare. Very good burger, properly cooked. 9/10.

Rayzor - Logan's Roadhouse - wichita falls, tx - burger #28

Picture lost when phone died.

Mushroom & Swiss burger. This is a chain found all over the south, so it's a good go-to for a decent burger: 8/10.

Rayzor - Top Notch Hamburger - austin, tx - burger #27

Picture lost when phone died.

Double Cheeseburger w/jalapenos. Old school Austin, very smokey-tasting patties. Pretty good overall, 6/10.

Rayzor - Jungle Burger - greenville, tx - burger #26

Picture lost when phone died.

The Jungle Burger, another messy one. 7/10.

Rayzor - The Texas Cuban - austin, tx - burger #25

Picture lost when phone died.

Cuban Cheeseburger, on Cuban bread. Big and messy, but pretty good. 7/10.

nutsandboltons - In N Out - Round Rock, TX - SH50

I've been waiting for these guys to get here for a long time.  When they finally opened, it was two weeks before the queue was short enough to justify the wait.  Double-double animal style with animal-style fries.  The fries themselves were a bit disappointing - I don't think they changed the oil from the previous day.  the burger was exactly what I was looking for, though.  7/10.

nutsandboltons - Gourdoughs Public House - Austin - SH49

Chili burger on a donut bun?  Sign me up!  The chips are pretty good, but really kind of unnecessary.  The burger is big enough to stand on its own.  Actually, it's a bit too big, so I'm docking a point.  The chili's solid, though, and the burger's good.  The donut bun is a lot more subdued and bread-like than I was expecting, which is a good thing.  A sweet glazed donut would have ruined the experience.  7/10.

nutsandboltons - Austin Ale House - Austin - SH28

Burger was pretty good.  Fries were just ok.  Service was sub-par.  5/10

Biliruben - Dan's - ATX - #50

7 / 10

Name: Large Cheeseburger
Toppings: LTOC(A)Mu
Patty: 1/3 med. well
Taste: The patty is seasoned nicely and the buns toasted and buttered. Definitely not one to miss. But more importantly, it's number 50 and I'm done!

Slow Ride - on on to 2014 with fish and booze

Hi, folks, thanks for your indulgences while I did the kebabs-instead-of-burgers.  Next year, I'm doing two on my own (one: fish and chips at least every 7 days and two: a different adult beverage every day...could be one of the thousands of ales, or a cocktail, a wine, but it has to be unique each day).

It has been fun, these last two years.  Feel free to stop by for a visit if you find yourselves near Swindon (floor space if you want to crash for a night) or Oxford (to see what a modern chemistry lab looks like in a University that predates Columbus' voyage by 300+ years.  And, we can go for a bit of a pub crawl while you're there.

Anyways, adios bitches.  Stay in touch.

send a comment to the blog, here, if you want to get in touch

Slow Ride - end of year summary

Notes here, but essentially:
1) I don't want to see a kebab for awhile
2) 2014 is a year of Fish and Chips for me (new place at least every 7 days)
3) Shooting for a different beverage each day in 2014, as well.

Happy New Year and best to all.  Drop a line if y'all find yourselves in Oxford or Western England.

pjtravels - Fuddrucker's - Cedar Park, TX - burger #49

Decent in a pinch. A bit overseasoned. Sweet potato fries were stale and uninspired.

Biliruben - Waterloo Ice House - ATX - #49

6 / 10

Name: Mushroom Swiss
Toppings: LTOC(s)MuMa
Patty: 1/4 med well
Taste: good burger. Tends to fall apart

pjtravels - Omni Hotel - Austin, TX - burger #48

7/10 Angus beef sliders at the company Christmas party - a nicely cooked burger ingeniously brightened by the pickled vegetables (like fatty banh mi cut with sweet/sour carrots and jicama).

Animoul / In-N-Out / Pacific Beach, CA / #49

Cheeseburger: 10 / 10

Biliruben - Russell's Bistro - ATX - #48

7 / 10

Name: Capital Burger
Toppings: LTOC(c)MaP
Patty: 1/3 lb med
Taste: pretty tasty. The bun has a nice sweet taste with a toasted inside. Get it with the crab macaroni.

JP - Cafe Blue - Gunbarrel CO - #50

Bacon Cheesebuger

Beer: Dales Pale Ale